Roots and craft bring finest tea to San Francisco from Japan founded in 2018. This tea comes from Miyazaki prefecture and all tea is organic, single origin, and small batch. All of teas are sourced directly from reliable growers with make great relationship by visiting their farm several times. Our tea focus on “terroir” from specific region and growers, and our awesome soil in Japan.


We value that to emphasize representation of the individuality of tea leaves generated by harmony with nature using craftsmanship.

The tea which feels terroir of the land with plenty of natural energy, heals the heart of the people and gives nutrition to the heart.

Our Japanese tea have a great “Yoin” which means after taste. Yoin will surely bring you to a journey of imagination.


We are aiming to give richness and imagination to your mind through unique Japanese tea including Japanese aesthetics and philosophy from San Francisco to the world.






























Maya Kono

Born and grow up in Akashi (next to Kobe), Japan. After Graduated University, moved to San Francisco. Worked entertainment company and Japanese restaurant and establish Roots and Craft.




Naomi Shirao

Graduated Japanese tea University. Master of Japanese tea instructor. He has been working in tea industry over 20 years and explorer of Organic Japanese tea




We roast to expand the individuality of tea leaves depending on each tea leaves. Sencha is extremely weak roasting with craftsmanship, and Hojicha is strong roasting. We roast not only in Japan but also in San Francisco because we would like to deliver fresh aroma and enjoy with the five senses for everyone. Enjoy the uniqueness flavor and aroma due to the degree of roasting.


Our partner producers believe that great components of the soil makes the rich flavor of tea", and focus their passion on making healthy soil. They make original fertilizer (compost) which are aged soil mixed plant and seaweed so that the most important things are that circulate energy of mountain and ocean because continent was born from ocean.

We are convinced that the best tasting tea is organically harvested in ways that are ecologically sound, and by people who are taking care of the land for future generations. Tea plants that are grown in powerful soil using sustainable organic fertilizers have roots that store nutrients and sprout rich leaves. This is the root of delicious and high quality tea – the true blessings of nature, not simple manufacturing.

We trace “Where is made” “Who is made” and enjoy that reflected uniqueness flavor. We believe the our roots is the Tea Farm.


We serve carefully extracted tea cups one by one for each customer with sophisticated performances using traditional instruments such as kyushu (teapot) and chasen (tea whisk). A cup dedicated to each person will enrich your mind, including time to wait for it. From leaf to each specially extracted cup of tea, we promise to give you the most excellent experience.

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