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The cariety name is Asatsuyu and harvested on April 24th. A gorgeous aroma such as passion fruit is special only for new harvested tea. This year was a harsh climate for tea. The sprout did not grow much because the temperature was not stable, such as it was very high in March and cold in April. This year 's Yield decreased by 40% from last year. Therefore, the tea leaves are small and sparse in color, but the tea have strong flavor.

Our skilled roaster carefully roasted the tea leaves to maximize the flavor of the leaves. Enjoy the special limited flavoor only for now.


Quantity: 50g

Flavor Note: Grassy, Toasted Grain

Harvested: April 24th, 2020

Genmaicha "Asatsuyu" 玄米茶 - "あさつゆ"

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