✨The FIrst Picking of 2021 新茶 is coming✨ 

We are honored to announce this glad news!!

This year's new tea is so wonderful that it is evaluated once every 20 years.

The important things to make good tea are the weather, fertilizer, and the time of harvest.

Our partner, a professional farmer, added a uniquely blended fertilizer to the vineyard at the perfect time. The weather was a little rainy and we were worried about the lack of sunshine, but during the two months from the beginning of spring, "立春" to April 22, the harvest day, the temperature rose and it rained moderately. It promoted sprout growth. Then, We decided when to harvest the new tea at the perfect timing.

The roasting is also very lightly finished to make the best use of the aroma and flavor of tea. This year's new tea has a pleasant scent like passion fruit, and the sweetness spreads throughout your mouth.

The scent of new tea is special only now. 

Our team members hope you all enjoy this tea!!


Quantity: 50g

Flavor Note: Smokey, Chestnut

Harvested: April 22nd, 2021

Hojicha-The First Picking Of 2021- "Asatsuyu" 新茶ほうじ茶